contract wars hack

Contract wars hack is Facebook game hack tools among other Facebook games hack. This tool has no rival at all at the moment, what this tool does is that it gives you unlimited CR, unlimited GP and unlimited SP, from our contract wars server. With this tool you will have no need to look for more GP or CR.


contract wars hack

Contract wars cheat tool is very user friendly, the hack tool has a lot of experience to impact in any contract wars players. Using this hack tool will open up your mind to newer opportunities in the contract wars Facebook world.

This hack tool was designed to help you in a way that you do not need to purchase in-game currencies with your real hard earned cash, but you will be getting unlimited amounts of resources from our server for this contract wars Facebook game.

contract wars hack

Many words have been put in place to describe contract wars as the best Facebook game in the past, some said its absolutely the best, some said its wonderful, some said it was highly developed with high end experienced Engineers, but we at the front end of this Facebook game, are saying that this game is marvelous.

If you have been looking for the best working contract wars cheats, then search no further for this great tool because here on this website we have got what you are looking for and the main reason why you have come to our blog post.


Contract wars tool is designed by a high end ENGINEERS who knows the value and have a lot of respect for money. If you open contract wars Facebook game and play this game, you will quickly find out how in-game currency can prevent you from advancing the next levels in the game.

No one dreams of getting or being stocked in a particular game level without the ability to move to next level of a game, it can really make the game bored. That’s why our team has developed a suitable and great contract wars hack tool to help you generate unlimited amounts of CR, GP, and SP.

contract wars tool online usage

There is no doubt why many traffic has been coming to our server, even before the game hack tool has been launched, the Facebook page of contract wars has over 5million players world-wide. And these are hungry GP, SP and CR players searching for a solution to end their gems and resource problems to contract wars.

Many website has come out and claim they can give out unlimited amounts of resources for contract wars Facebook game, even the most efficient websites has been proven to be fake. It’s fake in the sense that their hack tools which they claim can do wonders are not working at all.
Facebook games are really great games to play in our society nowadays, but the truth is that majority of Facebook users and players don’t have enough money to maintain most of these facebook games, so using our tool will

  •  Eliminate the need to play with your real and hard earned money
  • No boring time of your life
  • Get you unlimited and unprecedented amounts of resources at no cost at all.
  • Make your username famous among contract wars players
  • Fool your Facebook friends, family members and Facebook server into thinking you bought the resources
  • Most of it all enjoys the game!!

contract wars cheats

Enough have been said about what contract wars hack apk can do or not. But here we will show you the exact features of this wonderful tools. And also how to use the tool at a reviling time.

In this most recent hard economic meltdown. We believe people should not be using real money to purchase in-game currency. So use our tool and be happy you saved enough percent of your income for more valuable and vital things.

Features of contract wars hack

1. The tool can give you unlimited amounts of GP
2. You can also get unlimited amounts of SP
3. Get unlimited amounts of CR
4. You have the option to protect your proxy.

Contract wars game without GP is really a bored Facebook game account because for your game to get advanced. You need to have unlimited GP.

The same thing is applicable to SP, it will help you unlock many features of the game. To enjoy the game use our contract wars cheat.

Now that we have learned something about the features of contract wars. The next thing we are going to learn now is how to use contract wars cheats.

How to use contract wars cheats

  •  Simply head on over to our hack tool
  • Enter your username
  • Click the connect button
  • Insert the amount of oil you want
  • Put in the amount of SP you want
  • Enter the amount of CR you need
  • Insert the amount of GP you want to get
  • Choose to either hide or show your proxy
  • Click the generate button
  • Verify and prove that you are a human
  • Refresh your contract wars game and Facebook account
  • Done!!


Many people have been bugging us with a lot of contact messages. Asking us to expanciate further what we mean when we say verify you are human.

Well we have gone further to explain what that means to you and us. In recent days, many people have been using our contract wars hack tool. To get enormous amount of CR, SP and GP without any problem.

contract wars ios

Now when people generate some gem and see that our tool is working for contract wars. They move further to create more contract wars accounts and develop a Bot to automate the gem harvesting.

With this sort of act, our server becomes overloaded with a lot of workload. And Spambot trying to spam our server for gems.

So we have to protect this tool by implementing a verification procedure. It is just a step to make sure that the server is been used by real humans. And not bots